Sunday, April 6, 2008

Campaign Blasts to Ad Infiltration

Everyone has their own unique approaches do doing things.

Matt Levenhagen created the Campaign Blasts Method which he uses to find profitable markets with a unique approach. Every time blasters launch a new campaign they pay no more than 10 cents per click without regard for all the other variables involved - positioning etc.

I haven't actually used this method of Campaign Blasting, I first heard it from Steve - the same guy who created Ad Infiltration so I figured if he uses it you might want to know about it also.

Steve has had success with campaign blasting and uses the method to find and profit from niches using PPC. I bet he combines it with Ad Infiltration techniques to make a killing.

Monday, March 31, 2008

The Cheapest Method?

I just had a look at several reviews of Ad Infiltration, and one common theme I've seen is that they state that placement targeting is "the cheapest method of promotion on the internet".

I might have been guilty of saying the same thing but make no mistake...placement targeting just like its cousin, keyword targeting cost money. To me, any free method is cheaper than paying for PPC so the statement gets thrown out right away.

While placement targeting may get you cheaper clicks than hugely popular keyword targeting campaigns, great care must be taken to make sure your campaigns are set up right and that you are effectively targeting your audience.

There is nothing that says that you will set up a placement targeting campaign today and you won't lose money.

However if you follow Steve's Ad Infiltration method down to the T, there is no way you can lose. With proper implementation and testing you will pay less and reap great ROI.

To ensure that you don't make a huge, costly mistake on placement targeting, its highly recommended that you get a copy of Ad Infiltration and don't start a campaign without it.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Ad Infiltration Videos

If you've read my Ad Infiltration review and have considered getting Ad Infiltration but you're more of a visual learner then Steve also provides 3 step by step videos as an added bonus when you get the guide.

The videos are over 22 minutes in length and gives you an over the shoulder look of Steve setting up profitable Ad Infiltration campaigns.

This adds extreme value to an already valuable guide along with the Adsense Site Finder Bonus so be sure to get Ad Infiltration today.

Get Ad Infiltration With Videos

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Adsense Site Finder Bonus

When you get Ad Infiltration, there are several bonuses available and one of them is the Adsense Site Finder Script.

As you know, placement targeting involves finding sites that have adsense on them where you can advertise. Finding these sites manually can be very time consuming especially since a lot of high ranking sites may not have adsense on them and you have to click each result to investigate.

With the Adsense Site Finder Script that comes with Ad Infiltration, you can just upload it to your server and enter a keyword and find sites with adsense with one click. This helps automate some of the stuff in Ad Infiltration and some of your work is done for you.

I admit that I haven't used the script myself (personal preference) but I do all the research manually. Its is time consuming, yes but I don't mind looking up the sites one by one.

But if you want to save some time of setting up your placement campaigns this would be a very valuable bonus for you.

Get Ad Infiltration and free bonus script.

Monday, March 10, 2008

My Review of Ad Infiltration

Only 14 hours to go, so I'm going to tell you what I think about Ad Infiltration.

Obviously, I feel very highly about it...otherwise I wouldn't have started this blog about Ad Infiltration.

When I got the book last November I didn't know much about placement targeting except from what some IM folks have tried to explain...either they did a half assed job doing it or they didn't want to let the whole world know what was going on.

So I got Steve's Ad Infiltration and I'll tell you...

First of all I was wowed by the fact that you could get clicks for less than 1 cent (its proven in his results) and you can get monster CTRs of more than 50%.

This is the most complete and informative read about placement targeting I've come across...period. Videos are also included to supplement the guide but Steve does a great job explaining how everything works, shows you how to set up placement targetting campaigns and even shows you how you can automate some of it which I think was really cool.

And for the price Steve charges for this info (I paid $20 at the time), its a real steal. I thought he would have launched it for at least $97 but its heavily will get a lot of value out of this.

Like I said before if you are going to attempt placement targeting, please don't do it without the proper guidance. Your bank account has feelings too.

Ad Infiltration is a must if you're going to venture into the placement targeting waters because honestly, I haven't seen another guide like this.

If you're stuck doing keyword campaigns or just want to increase your ROI exponentially, try placement targeting but before you try it, get Ad Infiltration.

Click here to get Ad Infiltration today.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Ad Infiltration Results

Ad Infiltration creator, Steve made a short teaser video to show his results with placement targeting.

Never mind the annoying audio loop, turn down your speakers and watch those cool figures.

Cool huh!?

Now this was Steve's video of his results when he first released Ad Infiltration months ago. If you check out the Ad Infiltration website you will see more cool results as well.

CTR's of up to 64.70% are very much possible. Thats about 2 clicks for every 3 impressions.

With cpc's of under 1 cent its almost like getting Google Ads free...but we wouldn't call it that crap.

You won't want to be left out for nothing.

Visit Ad Infiltration and get on the notification list.

Why You NEED Ad Infiltration.

Ok, here's why you NEED Ad Infiltration... and I emphasize 'need'.
I'm sure you might have been told before that you should always turn off the content network when setting up Adwords keyword campaigns.

Well that doesn't mean that you should not use the content just means that you shouldn't use it with keyword campaigns.

There is a right and a wrong way to do almost everything and that includes setting up adwords campaigns.
You should always set up content network campaigns separate from keyword campaigns so that you can track the results.

Setting up a campaign on the content network is very easy but often overlooked. Its called placement targeting.

But just like jumping into Adwords without knowing what you're doing, setting up placement targeting campaigns without the proper guidance can cause you to have some very undesirable results...stuff that makes big men cry for their mommies.

And that is where Ad Infiltration comes in.

Steve has been doing placement targeting with lots of success and has been generous enough to share his secrets...ok nothing nowadays is a secret but trust me if Steve hadn't done Ad Infiltration many of us would still be in the dark while the gurus who scream 'Don't Use the Content Network' quietly profit from placement targeting.

Ad Infiltration will show you step by step how to set up and profit from placement targeting...well everything nowadays claims to 'take you step by step' but hey...I read the guide and yes it does say 'first do this' and 'then do this' yadda yadda yadda...

I haven't seen another complete guide out there like this so if you want to get in on the placement targeting pie then...

Get Ad Infiltration Today.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

What's "Ad Infiltration"?

Ad Infiltration was born last fall, when Steve Goltaio posted in the Wealthy Affiliate forum his amazing results with Adwords.

His post, entitled "Want to do PPC like This" was an inspiration and all heads kept checking back to keep track of his progress.

With out of control CTR's of up to 64.70% and cpc's of under 1 cent...yeah under 1 cent...who didn't want to do PPC like that?

Steve did a private release of Ad Infiltration to WA members only and I had to grab my copy at the limited release. As promised it was some very good stuff. Very, very good stuff.

I couldn't put it down because I was learning about something that I hadn't given much of a thought about. This wasn't the regular old adwords where you picked keywords and stuff.

This was placement targetting and it was good. I've heard mention of it a few times before but never as detailed as Steve laid it out.

If you've been doing keyword campaigns and want to test placement campaigns then Ad Infiltration is the guide you need.

The original WA only limited release of 100 copies sold out in under 1 hour and so did the Warrior Forum WSO Release so make sure you sign up to the Ad Infiltration notification list so that you can be notified when Ad Infiltration is released on Tuesday 11th March at 12pm EST.