Thursday, March 13, 2008

Adsense Site Finder Bonus

When you get Ad Infiltration, there are several bonuses available and one of them is the Adsense Site Finder Script.

As you know, placement targeting involves finding sites that have adsense on them where you can advertise. Finding these sites manually can be very time consuming especially since a lot of high ranking sites may not have adsense on them and you have to click each result to investigate.

With the Adsense Site Finder Script that comes with Ad Infiltration, you can just upload it to your server and enter a keyword and find sites with adsense with one click. This helps automate some of the stuff in Ad Infiltration and some of your work is done for you.

I admit that I haven't used the script myself (personal preference) but I do all the research manually. Its is time consuming, yes but I don't mind looking up the sites one by one.

But if you want to save some time of setting up your placement campaigns this would be a very valuable bonus for you.

Get Ad Infiltration and free bonus script.

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