Monday, March 10, 2008

My Review of Ad Infiltration

Only 14 hours to go, so I'm going to tell you what I think about Ad Infiltration.

Obviously, I feel very highly about it...otherwise I wouldn't have started this blog about Ad Infiltration.

When I got the book last November I didn't know much about placement targeting except from what some IM folks have tried to explain...either they did a half assed job doing it or they didn't want to let the whole world know what was going on.

So I got Steve's Ad Infiltration and I'll tell you...

First of all I was wowed by the fact that you could get clicks for less than 1 cent (its proven in his results) and you can get monster CTRs of more than 50%.

This is the most complete and informative read about placement targeting I've come across...period. Videos are also included to supplement the guide but Steve does a great job explaining how everything works, shows you how to set up placement targetting campaigns and even shows you how you can automate some of it which I think was really cool.

And for the price Steve charges for this info (I paid $20 at the time), its a real steal. I thought he would have launched it for at least $97 but its heavily will get a lot of value out of this.

Like I said before if you are going to attempt placement targeting, please don't do it without the proper guidance. Your bank account has feelings too.

Ad Infiltration is a must if you're going to venture into the placement targeting waters because honestly, I haven't seen another guide like this.

If you're stuck doing keyword campaigns or just want to increase your ROI exponentially, try placement targeting but before you try it, get Ad Infiltration.

Click here to get Ad Infiltration today.

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