Saturday, December 18, 2010

Make Money As An eBay Affiliate - Six Figure eBay Affiliate

After about 2 years not hearing from Steve, he suddenly pops back up to let me know what he's been working on. Apparently he's been 'locked away' trying to crack the code on making money with the eBay affiliate program.

And according to him, he's made over $800K in the last 3 years!

So he's coming out with a new product called the Six Figure eBay Affiliate to show you the secrets he has unlocked for making over $10,000 per month promoting eBay.

Ok, I admit that sounds a little hypey but this may actually be good because there are products out there that show how to make with the Amazon affiliate program but hardly any that shows how to make money with the eBay affiliate program.

Steve has a page where you can sign up to know when his Six Figure eBay Affiliate is coming out and receive updates. Check it out.

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